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Anime Face Me! Caricature Anime Face Me! Caricature - $39.99

+ 2 identical, high-quality, colored art, based on your face.
+ Art sent as 1 JPEG (.jpg) file and 1 PNG (.png) file.
+ Easy email service. Minimum wait time: 1 week.
+ Info protected by contract between you and the Artist.

**Before you press Add to Cart, please READ ALL INFO BELOW!**

Anime Face Me! Have you ever wondered what your face would look like as a dreamy, doe-eyed anime character? What if a caricature artist could take the essence of your face and draw you as how you would look in an anime? This is what Anime Face Me is all about!

The name's AnimeSpice and I've been drawing anime for 8+ years. I started to make anime caricatures in high school and I am now bringing my passion here to AnimeSpice Store! Before you press Buy, be sure to read all the info below.

Anime Face Me! Samples

-What you'll get-

+ 2 identical, high-quality, colored and finished bust (upper chest and face) artwork, based on the face you provide, that will be delivered to you via email.

+ Art will be sent in 2 file formats: 1 will be a JPEG (.jpg) file and 1 will be a PNG (.png) file.

+ Finished artwork dimensions will be 11" x 14", 300 dpi suitable for printing.


-The Process-

Please follow these steps exactly:

1) Once you press the Add to Cart button below and have gone through the Paypal checkout process, you have bought a "caricature job".

2) When you're ready to send your facial picture, start a new email message, addressed to Anime.Face.Me@gmail.com. Write in the subject line "My Face for Anime Face Me" and your "order number" from your final purchase page.

3) Down below you'll see a body of text called The Agreement. Copy & Paste The Agreement text to the BODY of your email, being sure to replace the lined areas with your NAME. That will be your electronic signature. (The reason we both sign a agreement is to protect your facial photo and personal email along with your resulting caricature art from misuse. This Agreement stays between you and the artist.)

4)Attach your picture to the email. Then send it.

5) You will receive a confirmation email stated that I have received your email.

6) Once the caricature job is complete, you will be sent an email containing 2 image files (.jpg and .png) of your finished caricature. Enjoy!

*If you have any trouble downloading finished art files, haven't received confirmation emails after 2 weeks, or have any questions about your order, please contact Anime.Face.Me@gmail.com and include your "order number" in the subject line. In addition, you can contact me on Etsy.

*It's important that you follow the process exactly or your caricature job will not be fulfilled. This WILL NOT be sent in the mail. Use an email that you check frequently!


-What Kind of Facial Picture should I send?-

Try to find a picture that fully displays your face. No SIDE SHOTS. Just 3/4 shots or frontal shots. If your picture doesn't work, you will be sent an email requesting you to send a different photo of your face.


-Is Anime Face Me Safe?-

Sure it is! Like I said, the Artist is bound by the Agreement and would never misuse or share anyone's information. That's also why I have us both sign an agreement (which is below). For your protection, but also so you can feel at ease when deciding to purchase a caricature from me. :) I've already finished some great caricatures for previous customers, just look at the samples!


-The Agreement-

When pressing the Buy button, the buyer and the artist enter an agreement:



This Caricature Commission agreement is entered into by and between AnimeSpice (The Artist) and ______________________ (The Buyer). These parties agree to enter into a confidential relationship with respect to the disclosure of personal info (facial picture and other personal info). The Rules of the agreement are as follows:

1. The Buyer retains all rights to their finished caricature art, to the exception that The Artist will be able to use it for promotional purposes only.

2. When The Buyer sends his/her picture to The Artist, The Artist may only use it to create the finished caricature. Facial pictures will not be used for anything other than that, unless The Artist ask for permission to use it for promotional purposes only. In that event, The Artist can use The Buyer's facial picture for promotion on Animespicestore.com only. The Artist cannot share email addresses and pictures with a third party.

3. Just like with any other item, The Buyer must buy the item first. When an "Anime Face Me" is bought, The Buyer has bought a caricature job for The Artist to fulfill. The process could take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks. This is considered "handling". "Shipping" will be the saving of and file transferring from one email to another of the finished picture files. There is a fee for this.

4. Failure to follow the Process exactly may result in an unfulfilled/undelivered caricature job. Once The Buyer presses the Buy button, money cannot be refunded. A job cannot start without this signed and unaltered agreement and facial image attached and sent in an email to The Artist.

5. As with any caricature artist, the artwork will be done based on the interpretation of The Artist towards the face provided by the The Buyer. This is not a specific commission. This is for entertainment purposes only. Custom request are not available at this time. The Artist has every right to use whichever style to render the caricature as based on the interpretation of the face.

6. The Buyer also agrees to use "Anime Face Me" responsibly and respectfully. No nudity, pornographic, violent, grotesque, or racially charged images. Otherwise, the job will not be fulfilled.

This Agreement's rules and obligations are binding on these two parties.

Each party has signed its approval below.

The Artist's Name: AnimeSpice

The Buyer's Name: ____________________________

Date: ________________________________________

____COPY END_____


Thank you for reading and enjoy you caricature! ^___^

All AnimeSpice Store written material and photos are original content which may not be copied and used without permission.

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