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Gift of the Holidays Card Gift of the Holidays Card - $14.99

+ 5 vibrant, glossy photo print Holiday cards.
+ Dimensions: 8" x 6". White envelopes included.
+ Comes tied together in a pack in plastic.
+ Single cards available here.

"When I designed this card, I wanted it to be visually stunning. It reflects that time of year when we appreciate the beauty in the people and things that we already have. Hence the name, "Gift of the Holidays", this card can be a gift to those you love. Depicted is a character with green hair and ornaments hanging within it; she represents the Christmas tree with gifts to share below it, a bow, star, pine cone and mistletoe pinned to her classic red Santa hat. The card incorporates all the elements and colors of the Christmas and winter season that we enjoy, and I hope this will find a place in yours or a loved one's home. Happy Holidays!" -AnimeSpice

Card Pack Picture Examples

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