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My 1 Cupcake Print My # 1 Cupcake

+ 8x10 inch sized print.
+ Vibrant full color image.
+ Smooth, glossy finish.

"My #1 Cupcake" - This piece depicts a mascot for an upcoming anime project. Since her character is a chef, she was designed with pigtails the resemble dough being squeezed out of a pastry bag. Her outfit is also a mix between a maid and a Japanese sailor schoolgirl uniform. Available as a print so you can add this art to your anime collection.

Print Info: - This is a 8x10 image that comes as a crystal clear, glossy, print with bright colors and detail. Every 8x10 print comes in a light, transparent package that protects the image. (package is removable)

My # 1 Cupcake Print

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